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“Root to rise” is a common cue in yoga classes, which means to channel strength from the ground to build a pose upward.  At Root to Rise, I provide multiple avenues to help families find the support they need to build strength, balance, and connection from the ground up. 

Meet Megan

I dabbled in yoga here and there for a decade before I took a plunge in 2019 and registered for both a 200-hour yoga teacher training (Heartwork Yoga) and prenatal yoga teacher training (Blooma).  Both were a breath of fresh air to my mind, body, and spirit, and I learned that yoga was not just a hobby or an interest, it was a passion and a need in my life.  With a career in music education and as a mom of two small children, a deep dive into kids and family yoga was my obvious next step, and I became certified in kids and family yoga (Kidding Around Yoga).  It is so fascinating and inspiring to see how children respond to a yoga practice that is at a level appropriate to their development.  Children truly are sponges, and I believe that it is never too early to start experiencing our unique journeys inward.

Off the mat, I am a certified childbirth educator, and I specialize in preparing pregnant people for birth through functional movement.  Having had two babies and two VERY different birth experiences, I learned a lot about the pregnant body and birth, which inspired me to educate myself further in these topics, which (of course!) led me to want to (scratch that) NEED to share this with others.  

I also love finding new places to play with my kids, baking, and organizing ALL the things.

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