Childbirth Education

Childbirth Education Series

My childbirth education classes are designed with three main pillars in mind.  The first is to provide an evidence-based childbirth education to empower pregnant people to make decisions based on what they know is right for them. Knowledge is power, and knowledge about your personal preferences and needs, combined with a respectful and effective way to communicate them, is no less than a superpower.

The second main pillar is to build community and a support system throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  “It takes a village” is so true – humans were never meant to go through these transformational times of becoming a parent alone, and we should find ways to support each other, even in these strangest of times.

The third main pillar of my childbirth education course is to prepare the body for birth.  Modern day life has most of us (definitely me!) moving in ways that are not optimal for prepping the body for birth, and often, we’re unaware of these patterns until after our birth has taught us exactly how that has not worked for us (me again!).  My childbirth education course incorporates a functional movement component that will help “train to task” (think: prepare the body specifically for birth), including many ways to incorporate this training into daily life tasks.

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