Prenatal Workshop Series


Nourish and Empower Your Pregnancy Journey

Designed to nurture both body and mind during this major life transition, this prenatal yoga series offers a welcoming environment for parents-to-be to connect with their bodies, find inner & outer strength, and embrace the transformative experience of pregnancy.  Each session combines evidence-based learning, breathwork, and functional movement, tailored to support the unique needs of pregnancy, birth, and beyond.  Join us in fostering a sense of calm, confidence, and connection as you prepare for the arrival of your little one.

This four-week series is held on Saturday afternoons from 2:00-4:00pm at River Flow Yoga in downtown Northfield.  (Please register for each session individually at the links below.) 

Dates for the upcoming series:

  • Saturday, Jan. 27th
  • Saturday, Feb. 3rd
  • Saturday, Feb. 10th
  • Saturday, Feb. 17th

*The next series after this session will be held in April 2024.

Saturday, Jan 27, 2024
Week 1: Pregnant & Empowered

Connecting to Self & Baby

The body performs some of its most impressive feats during pregnancy! Come learn ways to maximize your energy, find optimal alignment, and feel your best as both you and baby grow together.
Saturday, Jan 27, 2024
Saturday, Feb. 3, 2024
Week 2: Comfort Measures (Early & Active Labor)

Connect to Your Voice & Intuition

Bring your support person, and we’ll explore different labor management techniques and how to tailor them to your unique birth. We’ll also discuss how you and your baby work together throughout your birthing time.
Saturday, Feb. 3, 2024
Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024
Week 3: Pushing Preparation

Let Go & Flow

We’ll take an intuitive approach to the pushing stage of labor by learning to recognize the body’s wisdom, connect with the pelvic floor, and move in the way your body craves to birth your baby.
Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024
Saturday, Feb. 17, 2024
Week 4: Postpartum Care & Prep

Body Connection, Trust, Acceptance

The fourth trimester is a sacred time of recovery, bonding, and re-defining yourselves in your new family roles. We’ll walk through gentle postpartum exercises to reconnect with your body and discover ways to promote a supportive environment for you and your family.
Saturday, Feb. 17, 2024
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