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Siblings of a registered child who are nine months and older will be provided a discounted tuition rate of $90 per additional child.  Infants who are eight months and under can attend classes for free with a registered sibling; however, infants who don’t have a registered sibling require regular tuition.

Class Schedule - Summer 2024

This summer's classes will be week-long sessions of Music Together classes (Monday-Friday) 
  • June 24-28
  • July 17-21

Class Selection

Both the morning class (10:15-11:00am) and the evening class (5:15-6:00pm) will be held on Mondays at Untethered Heart Studio in downtown Northfield. Please select your preferred class:.


Music Together classes are priced on a three-tier system.  We welcome class participants who qualify for government food programs (SNAP, WIC, etc.), utilize services at HealthFinders clinic, or those who self-identify as facing financial hardship. We trust you to do what's right for you, so there's no need to submit any documentation.

Here are the tuition rates for a 8-week semester:

Tier 1: $140 – Think of this as a scholarship rate; it doesn't fully cover the true cost of the classes, but it does make Music Together more accessible to more families, which is the main goal!

Tier 2: $165 – This rate accurately reflects the cost of the classes and allows us to better handle overhead.

Tier 3: $190 – This rate not only covers the class expenses but also allows us to continue offering Tier 1 pricing. Your support helps us make a positive impact in our community!

*If you would like to make other arrangements to make tuition more accessible to you, please reach out!  There are multiple other ways to handle an exchange of energy, and I would love to discuss a way that works best for you.

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